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We "Kizikli Packaging" factory are producing anti insect nets, shade nets, construction safety nets, anti hail nets, anti bird nets and Raschel bags for vegetable packing. Also , we are the top producer of Anti insect nets in Turkey. We have ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate, Safety Certificate and Technical Data sheets of all products. The width of the fabric is between 1 mt and 11 mt , the lengths are at 50-100-200 or more. We are able to produce all nets at all customized sizes, colours and shapes.
We started production of fibrillated twine in 1982 and added syntehtic bag line into our structure in 1989. Has more than 30 years experience in production, trading and marketing of fibrillated twine and PP bag. ANSA, managed by a progressive, dynamic and technically trained executive staff, is full active in manufacturing at high capacities in order to meet satisfaction of customers. We started production of fibrillated twine in 1982 and added syntehtic bag line into our structure in 1989. With a plant set up on a total area of 30.000 square meters, 10.000 square meters closed, ANSA is producing 6.000 MT fibrilized twine and synthetic bags per year. Our research & development activities which brought flexibility in production line made us capable of meeting uncommon demands of customers. Our company is working to develop marketing & after selling services to meet pleasure of customers.
Filpak facilities packaging and filling industry and trade Inc. was established in 1997. The plastic packaging industry with advanced technology in the industry operates in polyethylene-based packaging products and manufactures tube net. It serves many different sectors by expanding its product range with entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic team that is proud to have won the identity of a company that uses advanced technology. Filpak is cooperating with many companies both domestic and overseas by producing products with international standards. Filpak Inc. with the power of skilled labor, a wide field of activity, global customer base, has derived from the fact that the combination of advanced technology and creative product range. Filpak Inc.'s mission in all over the world, and a pioneer in the understanding of management in the packaging industry, dynamic, self-regenerating has become a brand to be a company. Therefore FilpakInc., quality control and after-sales customer satisfaction is of great importance. Also, Filpak Inc. an environmentally conscious company; produces raw materials that do not harm human health and the environment by using recycled packaging. Filpak Inc., however, is self-conscious, careful in detail, and submit timely requested product of high quality by having a large portfolio of customers with employees who can distinguish them. Customer-Oriented Packaging Solutions Filpak Inc.; customer-oriented production in the true sense of the philosophy is implemented. The measurement of customer satisfaction after the sale from the identification of needs at all stages up to customer expectations with flexible manufacturing and modern production equipment move with a dynamic organizational structure that aims to provide maximum satisfaction to the clients and implemented method. Customer requests are in line with customer-specific solutions.
UR-SA Plastic Packaging & Textile Inc. Co. which was established by Abdulkadir BUYUKKARDES in 1979 follows technological development closely during 30 years since its foundation and which continues to
Durak Group's first company, Durak Ticaret, started operation in Nigde province in 1958. With Turkey's development, our company has reached the present conditions of widespread marketing network and branches across step by step. As DURAK GROUP, we provide our customers with sacks and packages, materials, sprinkler systems, chemical fertilizer varieties, agricultural products, New Holland tractors, Temsa-Mitsubishi dealership, second hand vehicles and tractor purchase and sale operations, Opet gas station, Kasko-Insurance Agency, we also provide service with our slogan in the construction sector; it is an art for us to build your dreams.